Great New Site Opens Up

Not going into details, but a site I have had my sites on recently opened up and I was all over it.  This place is trashy and old.  Foot traffic was here in 1780s, maybe earlier.  That’s old for my area.  I got down to business and quickly started pulling clad.

The first decent find was a Ford family crest key fob:

The next good signal ended up being a mid 1800s button.  It was funny b/se there was a smashed beer can.  I debated on cleaning it up, but thought about the detectorist’s code – clean up all trash.  Under that was the button signal, lol.  It pays to clean up!

The last signal was a dandy.  It rang like a can lid.  I dug the plug and saw what I thought was the edge of the top of a lid.  It ended up being a silver bracelet (well, I still have to test, but sure looks good).  It looks to have hand stamped markings and the maker’s mark stamp is something I have never seen:

I will be going back b/se new ground keeps opening up!

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