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GM Pontiac Token, Buffalo Nickel, and Wheat Pennies

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My buddy, Goldnugget, let me hunt with him at a very old location today.  Thanks Goldnugget!  Found some good stuff and he got his first coin.

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Garrett Pro Pointer Review

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I have to say, right off the bat, that you do not need a pin pointer.  Some people will say you can’t live without it, but that’s simply not true.  I did for a long time and got proficient without it.  Having said that, I love my Garrett Pro Pointer.  This post will explain why.

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Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector Review

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I have been using the Garrett AT Pro heavily for a while now.  As such, I wanted to give folks my review of this “all terrain” metal detector.  Garrett has tried to make an all purpose detector, at a mid range price point – but has it succeeded?  Let’s see.

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