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XP Deus Continues To Do Well

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I have been retracing my steps in different sites.  Some are very difficult and others are hard.  These photos are from the last 3 hunts.  I found a bit of wheaties, a silver rosie, some play money, and an indian head penny.  I found the Indian head penny at a location that is very stingy.  […]

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NEL AT Pro Big Coil Field Tests

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Boy, it has been an incredibly long winter.  I have had very little chances to get out to detect.  So, that part has been depressing.  However, the temperatures have been periodically broken as of late, and so I have been getting out with every chance. One of the things I did this winter was invest […]

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Research Equal 3 Silvers

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You will hear me harp on the virtues of good research.  Honestly, if you know how to do it, it can produce great results quickly.  I had a little time that I could burn and I needed a spot that was close.  So, I did some research and found a spot on public land that […]

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